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Traffic fatalities are a national epidemic and kill nearly 40,000 people and injure 3 million a year.  That is approximately 100 Americans killed every day -- the equivalent of a regional plane crashing -- and 8,200 injured daily. 

Thomas Hyneman’s daughter Alexia was one of the 100 Americans who died in a traffic crash on February 12th, 2016. She was killed while cycling home after a performance at Grady High School where the audience laughed at her clever performance and marveled at her wonderful voice. Alexia was an honor student and freshman who loved her school and this city.

After losing Alexia, Thomas was devastated and hopeless. Then he learned about Vision Zero, the concept that by implementing proven solutions, we can prevent crashes and the senseless carnage on our streets. He has been fighting since her death to see those changes implemented and save lives.  

Thomas knows firsthand the pain and turmoil that comes from losing a child due to traffic violence here in Atlanta. He believes that a core part of Families for Safe Streets is that no one should go through the emotional, spiritual, and physical pain of losing a loved one due to traffic violence alone.

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