Safe Streets Committees




Neighbors are often the most effective advocates for safe streets in communities. The assets community members bring can make all the difference when it comes to determining policy and securing resources. It is imperative that there are deliberate spaces for you - as leaders - to share tools and enrich knowledge.

That’s why the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition created the Community Advocates for Safe Streets program: to provide the deliberate space needed for neighborhood transportation proponents to connect, share information, and learn from each other, with the intent of transferring gained knowledge into the communities they serve.

The goal is to develop a sustainable and effective network of advocates from neighborhoods in every City Council district, prioritizing communities in the High Injury Network.  There are two ways you can get involved in the Community Advocates for Safe Streets program:


Do you live or own a business along a High Injury Network street? We formed two street committees for the Donald Lee Hollowell and Moreland Avenue corridors!  

Our video explains more about the two corridors.

Join a people-led, safe streets committee for your corridor. Committees will consist of Atlanta residents, small business owners, and community members who live or work along one of these corridors. Together you will learn, share ideas, and influence government decisions about your corridor by recommending safety interventions that serve you and your neighbors best. 

To learn more about forming a street committee, join the Community Advocates Network. Here you will network with others who are working to secure safe streets both in and outside your neighborhood.



Do you want to connect with leaders and action-oriented folks from all over the city who envision an Atlanta where everyone moves safely, easily, and sustainably? Do any of these describe you?

  • A neighborhood association or Neighborhood Planning Unit leader, including committee chairs for transportation and related topics.
  • A community member who wants to start or join a local transportation committee.
  • An Atlanta resident interested in developing a greater understanding of transportation.
  • An Atlanta employee or business owner who wants safer streets to support your customers or clients.
  • A transportation planner or engineer who wants to share your knowledge or expertise.
  • A parent or staff member invested in Atlanta Public Schools work on Safe Routes to School.

We support the Community Advocates Network by providing regular virtual meeting spaces, providing information and resources pertinent to your work, and facilitating a critical space for community interactions.