Get Involved


JOIN a coalition of community-based safe streets advocates.

YOU know what is best for your community. 

  • As a resident, your insight into your neighborhood is just as valid as any technical expertise.
  • Remember that the needs of you and your neighbors should lead any decision about your community.
  • Be open to different ideas.
  • Look at the whole picture.

LEAD with your passion to advocate for safe streets in your neighborhood. 

CONNECT with other advocates across the city to collaborate with and support one another.

  • Talk through ways to achieve your transportation goals.
  • Share community advocacy tools and resources that can be used in your advocacy for safe streets. 
  • Support your sister neighborhood/NPU in their efforts to create safe streets and public places.

HOLD your representatives accountable.

  • Contact your council member and introduce yourself as a constituent.
  • Ask for a face-to-face meeting so that your rep can put a face with a name.
  • Provide insight into your residential experiences. Discuss concerns and potential solutions.
  • FOLLOW UP!!!

ACT Now!