Advocacy Seminar

These sessions were designed for our inaugural Streets Committee seminar - Moreland Avenue and Donald Lee Hollowell Parkway.  

Session 1:   Establish purpose, relationship building

Session 2:   Design mobility safety for your community

Session 3:   Build your advocacy toolkit

Session 4:   Action planning


Our program will evolve as we incorporate feedback and reflections after each recurrence of the seminar.


The Advocacy Seminar's four sessions satisfied Task 3 as outlined below from our proposal to the Energy Foundation. 

Task 1: Select two high injury corridors based on the following criteria: 

  • High Injury Network, which is disproportionately concentrated in areas with racial and economic disparities 
  • Potential for safety projects to be funded and implemented within 5 years
  • Complete task by July 2020


Task 2: Recruit 5-10 community members from neighborhoods adjacent to the two corridors to help inform their neighbors about how to make streets safer. Ensure participants represent diverse backgrounds and perspectives.

    • Recruitment to take place through community phone and online networks during COVID-19 outbreak.


Task 3: Train community members on street design safety interventions support development as community leaders

  • Weekly sessions offered online and by phone during COVID-19 outbreak.

  • Complete task by November 2020 (extended to December 2020)


Task 4: Empower and support community members to form corridor committees to create safer streets. 

  • Committees will meet monthly (8 meetings total) via video conference and/or phone during COVID-19 outbreak.
  • Connect the two committees to form peer-to-peer information exchange and mutual support via Google Groups or another preferred method. 
  • Fulfill task January 2020-June 2021


Task 5: Collect feedback from community members in affected neighborhoods on their preferred safety improvements for the City’s Vision Zero program. Use feedback to inform corridor committees on VZ community preferences. 

  • Feedback will be collected by text, online, and phone during COVID-19 outbreak.
  • Complete task by February 2021 (extended through April 2021)


Task 6:  Ongoing support of Community Streets Champions with meeting facilitation, leadership training, advocacy development, and peer networking until the street safety projects are completed. 

  • Ongoing 


Throughout this process of accomplishing the aforementioned tasks, we will apply the principles of equitable community engagement, as described here, and to move from informing to empowering during the course of this project.