Safe mobility is a human right.


Some 1,500 people die each year on roadways in the state of Georgia. Families lose loved ones to preventable crashes, and those most at risk are people walking, biking, or crossing the street to catch a bus -- the most vulnerable of us. People of color and people living in low-income communities suffer disproportionately from unsafe streets.

The human costs of loss of life and health are just beginning to be recognized. For a long time, we didn't know we had a problem. Yet car crashes are the leading cause of death for children in the U.S. 

Safe streets help ensure our young people live to realize their dreams. Safe streets also support healthier local economies. For struggling families, car crashes represent extra costs that strain family budgets. And that’s before taking into account the cost of accessing healthcare, time lost from work, and the potential to lose jobs and livelihoods. These are costs we can’t afford to risk. 

Join us as we work together to make the human right of safe mobility a reality for Atlanta.